Single Seater Recliners

Single Seater Recliners
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Comfort Zone Armour Single Seater Genuine Leather Recliner

The Armour recliner is made of genuine leather with German recliner mechanism its design offers a ve..

₹72,200.00 ₹36,300.00
Ex Tax: ₹36,300.00

Comfort Zone Bently Recliner 1S

Bently Recliner 1S..

₹75,600.00 ₹38,500.00
Ex Tax: ₹38,500.00

Comfort Zone Cherry Single Seater Air Leather Recliner

This Cherry recliner comes with german recliner mechanism. The pocket spring gives extra comfort. Th..

₹47,800.00 ₹23,650.00
Ex Tax: ₹23,650.00

Comfort Zone Daffodil Single Seater Fabric Recliner - Brown

The Daffodil Recliner is available in two colors, Brown and Beige. This recliner comes with German r..

₹44,500.00 ₹23,100.00
Ex Tax: ₹23,100.00

Comfort Zone Happy Recliner 1S

This Happy Recliner is upholstered in plush suede fabric and brings first-class comfort and convenie..

₹37,800.00 ₹19,250.00
Ex Tax: ₹19,250.00

Comfort Zone Henley Recliner Beige 1S

This Henley recliner comes with German recliner mechanism It?????s stylish and comfy looks and feel ..

₹27,800.00 ₹14,000.00
Ex Tax: ₹14,000.00

Comfort Zone Kiwi Recliner 1S

This Kiwi recliner comes with a German recliner mechanism. This can be adjusted in required angle re..

₹37,800.00 ₹15,400.00
Ex Tax: ₹15,400.00

Comfort Zone Lara Recliner Brown 1S

This Lara recliner comes with a german recliner mechanism is the perfect place to unravel the day's ..

₹40,000.00 ₹20,900.00
Ex Tax: ₹20,900.00

Comfort Zone Marshal Recliner 1S

The Marshal recliner is made of air leather. It comes with German recliner mechanism, one seater rec..

₹52,200.00 ₹25,850.00
Ex Tax: ₹25,850.00

Comfort Zone Matiz Recliner 1S Black

Matiz Recliner is made of air leather with German recliner mechanism, has a modern, comfortable and ..

₹47,800.00 ₹24,750.00
Ex Tax: ₹24,750.00

Comfort Zone String Recliner 1S

This String Recliner comes with a german recliner mechanism. One seater has reclined and rocker opti..

₹41,700.00 ₹20,625.00
Ex Tax: ₹20,625.00



₹42,000.00 ₹23,100.00
Ex Tax: ₹23,100.00